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1. The glass thermometer has a wide screen and easy reading. The elderly can easily read the body temperature value. 

2. Shell protection, each has a shell protection, effectively protect the fragile thermometer during transportation.

3. Compact size and easy to carry.

4. Scope of application: for body temperature measurement.

5. Applicable people: babies, kids, adults, old people.


1. Accurate temperature measurement mercury glass thermometer, direct temperature measurement, no charging, the whole family can use, easy to measure.

2. Before the temperature measurement, various factors affecting the actual body temperature should be avoided, such as strenuous exercise to drink boiled water, cold drinks, drinking alcohol, and bathing.

3. Disinfect with 75% alcohol before use, and throw the mercury column below 35°, then take the readings at the temperature measurement site (oral, axilla, anus) for 5 minutes.



Material: Plastic


Measuring range: 35-42C°

Package Included:

2 * Mercury Glass Thermometer 




1.Made of PE material, easy to use.

2.Using these covers does not compromise your digital thermometers accuracy.

3 It’s so simple than even children can easily master it and protect themselves.


1. Insert the thermometer into the cover along the direction of the arrow on the package then peel off the cover.

2. You can rest assured that they are safe and help prevent the spread of germs.

3. All you have to do is insert the probe, peel off the front and back and dispose of it after measuring the temperature.


Color: white

Material: PE

Size: 8.8x2.5cm

Package Included:

100pcs * Digital Thermometer Probe Dental Tools Covers